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My name is Fr. Kyle Sanders. I am a Roman Catholic priest of the Archdiocese of New Orleans. I've always held this fascination with pens, although my fascination did not hinge upon a good writing experience but the rather a variety of different pens. I was never content just having a Bic Stic. Then, one fateful day, on the shores of Lake Granada in Nicaragua (of all places, right?) I was introduced to a fountain pen. The way I looked at writing changed. Over the three years prior to that day I had transitioned most of my writing, class notes, blog posts, fiction and poetry, to some sort of digital platform. My songwriting alone remained an analog experience and mostly due to the difficulty in holding a guitar and typing.

Then I purchased a fountain pen and things started to happen. Notes returned to the handwritten form. A year or so later I started a blog journal to take down rough drafts of posts. My first and second attempts at writing a novel were done with ink and paper. I found my thoughts flowed better and clearer as I wrote as opposed to when I typed. Most of my work and leisurely pursuits involved a paper and a pen (yes, even playing FIFA.)

I found quickly during the first six months of this new change the one pen and one bottle of ink was not enough. One turned into fifty quicker that I would like to admit. As that number multiplied, I became aware that there was a whole community of pen lovers around the world. So I made entrance through forums, blogs, podcasts, and social media. The more I entered into this community the more I began to see a particular niche where I could lay my head. 

What if I could combine my enjoyment pens, paper, and the like with what I use them for and share that with the community? From that question the idea of Reverenced Writing was born. My goal is to combine reviews of various products with creative writing inspired by those very products. So I wish to not just share with you my thoughts on something but how that very something inspires my creativity. Ink haikus. Epic poems about Pilot EF nibs. Flash fiction about the whiteness of Clairefontaine paper. (none of those are promises of future blog posts)

I do hope you enjoy.

Feel free to email me with questions, requests, critiques, your own writing, or just for a friendly conversation. Just click the letter up at the top. 

I do not have any sponsors so every pen, ink, paper, and piece of paraphernalia was either purchased by me or gifted to me by a family member or friend. My desire to share with you honestly what I think about a product, and hopefully, how a product makes me think.