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Fountain Pen Day Giveaway!

Fr. Kyle Sanders

I am so grateful to have, two years ago, become a part of this wonderful community. I was judging a local cookoff last week and with the cookoff was a car show. I got to talking to one of the guys who had this purple pearlescent 30's sportster. It was a loud thing, and he was a big personality to boot. His father had built and rebuilt cars, so he had been going to car shows for a long time. They have their own community. He told me that a lot of times his friends don't understand why he continues to compete and go to car shows. They though him strange, but amongst "the guys" he's a little loud (I mean a bright purple and punk car!). I told him, "Dude, I understand. I collect fountain pen. My office staff tolerates my packages and giddiness. My family things it's strange." 

This community started with, and I guess remains unified by out mutual love of FOUNTAIN PENS, but is made up a fantastic persons. Person who generally care for each other, who, although we may enable each other, are often very gracious and generous. In the continued spirit of that generosity, I am hosting my first giveaway.

I attempted to go on a fall theme jumping from the color of the pen, but here it is.

If you win you get:

a Franklin-Christoph Model 29 Bellus Special Edition Radiant Red with a Mike Masuyama ground Medium Italic Nib

Samples of:

J. Herbin 1670 Rouge Hematite

Noodler's Golden Brown

Noodler's Apache Sunset

Those three are probably my three favorite shading inks and together with the italic nib should be able to give the winner all of the colors of Autumn. 


This giveaway is going on both here and on my Instagram which is @colonel4God. So you have two possible chances to win. 

  1. Comment on the blog
  2. If you are on Instagram the rules will be explained there.
  3. This giveaway ends Sunday November 9 at 12 noon CST. After which I will choose someone at random using the Random Number Generator.
  4. I will post the winner here on the blog and on Instagram and he/she will have 1 week to respond before I choose another person at random.