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Ode to Fountain Pens

Fr. Kyle Sanders

Glance from hither paper shines ink

Renewed imagination

Not too bright, the shimmer sink

Words play on page, creation

My thoughts are thus adorned

Shine metal, feeding white

Binds cellulose, reflects dim

Dye, against the cloth doth fight

Oft lost battle, never grim

To sit forever more

White has been stained grey, blue,

Red, yellow, black, violet

Life found vibrant deck'd in hue

Malaise of monochrome hit

To dwell in memory

Scratch is the sound, tip to leaf

Lines run round with no aim

Color meanders, a creek

Fast flowing, desert drying

Looking for reservoir

On lined stage characters play

Drama unfolds from gilt muse

Laughter rings, brings me astray

Singing sounds, tap goes the shoes

A personal playbill

Sentinels, strong, stiff, nailéd

Soft, buttery, loose, flexible

Thus look for nib perfected 

Tastes range full malleable

Seek and you shall findeth

Twist, the motion to fill

Bubbles from the bottom rise

Making obsolete the quill

It is here pelican flies

To the top of white caps

Recall the brook from long ago

Running near the bar named, Jay?

Often look'd out its window

To measure levels far away

Yearn still for that vintage

Five and forty years have passed 

Since those bygone times of gold

But steel reigns supreme en masse

Aluminum, brought to the fold

Leaves many to steer rudder


Written with: 
Eversharp Skyline Semi-Flex Nib with Sheaffer #42 Washable Blue
grey - Karas Kustom Ink F with Montblanc Meisterstuck 90th Anniversary Permanent Grey
red - Pilot E95s F with Noodler's Antietam
yellow - Edison Collier M with P.W. Akkerman Hopjesbruin
black - Online Calligraphy Pen .8 mm with J. Herbin Perle Noir
violet - Waterford Eclipse M with mix of Sailor Jentle Blue and Chesterfield Ruby
paper - Rhodia Ice Lined No. 16