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All Apologies

Fr. Kyle Sanders

I feel like a horrible flirt. I start a conversation on here. I reveal a few things. You might have even said (and I'm sorry if you did) this looks like it may be a great blog. Maybe it will be, but a blog requires posts. As of late, you will have possibly noticed, there have been none. November and December proved to be overwhelmingly busy months for me, and, unfortunately I hadn't entered a good enough blogging groove to be faithful to you. I am truly sorry for that. 

My imagination is rife with posts and believe you me they will be coming with more regularity after the turn of the New Year. I am going on retreat to clear my head, get refocused, rested, and ready to take on this new year that God has planned for me. So I will see you again in 2015. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to those of you who have continued to follow. Thank you. 

Spend the rest of this year in joy and laughter.