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Fountain Pen Day Giveaway 2015

Fr. Kyle Sanders

I remember the first time I realized there was a group of people like me who liked fountain pens. It was at a time in my life when I couldn't go out and do things like normal 20-somethings because of a freak basketball injury that left me immobile for 3 months. Moving from freedom of movement to dependence was not an easy thing, especially for someone who had never been seriously injured before.  

It started with videos from Brian Goulet about his products and the Fountain Pen 101 series. I realized from the comments on his videos there were others like me. Youtube, as it does, then led me to S.B.R.E Brown with his analysis and shenanigans. Comments on his videos led to the Fountain Pen Network. I realized, then, how much of a newbie I was as guys and gals talked pens that cost more than my annual income at the time (which in seminary was quite meager and rightly so). I found a place I could geek out in and learn safely. It is from there that I grew deep into this online fountain pen community. I am grateful for this community both in the mere pleasure of sharing a mutual love of something but even more so in the genuine friendships that have arisen from all quarters. 

Now we have a day (thanks to Cary) we can call our own, a Fountain Pen Day, which is only solemn in some quarters but those quarters have hymns, incense, and ritual to honor the gift of this community we love. Yes, it says Fountain Pen Day, as if we honor these little pieces of beauty and utility, but, in essence, it is a communal celebration of what fountain pen people mean to each other (or at least that's the meaning I pass along to you). 

So in honor of this community that has give so much to me in genuine pastime, friendships, and support, I offer as tribute one of my fountain pens, an unused notebook, and some samples of inks.

Whatcha get:

  1. a Waterman Eclipse Fountain Pen with a Medium Nib
  2. a Furrow Books Great Plains Notebook from the Kickstarter with guidesheet
  3. three ink samples of the winner's choosing from my collection

How ya win:

  1. You make a comment about your experience of the fountain pen community
  2. You make only one comment
  3. On Monday. November 9, at 9 am CST I will close the bidding.
  4. I will choose a random number via a generator. 
  5. I will post the winner on the blog and he/she has a week to respond to me before I randomly choose another winner.