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My Colorless Lent

Fr. Kyle Sanders


Today is Mardi Gras. In South Louisiana we try to get all our partying out before the period of Lent starts. As Catholics, Lent is a time of purification, so that when Easter comes, we can better live like Easter people, living free from sin. An integral part of Lent is giving something up. Fasting allows us 1) to realize all we have is a gift and 2) to separate ourselves from inordinate attachments.


Ladies and gentleman I am a certified pen addict. I had so many pens at the end of last year I actually had no place to store them (Christmas solved that problem). So I decided, for Lent, to give up the use of fountain pens (with the exception of a review I am currently working on) and, except for extreme exceptions (signing checks and addressing mail), will solely use pencils. [shudder] 

Y'all this is going to be difficult. I’ve not jumped on the pencil bandwagon. I was overjoyed when in fifth grade I left the tyranny of using a pencil as a daily writer. I much preferred the Bic Stic. I've never turned back, only using pencils for high school math class and sketching. I haven’t used a pencil for daily writing in 20 years. Woodcased pencils in particular need more attnetion even than fountain pens crying out to be sharpened. My life will be colorless for 40 days. 

The future review (i.e. Gorgeous color) next to pencil sadness

The future review (i.e. Gorgeous color) next to pencil sadness

What that means for you, dear reader, is that for the next forty days Reverenced Writing is going all pencil. I will review the tools I’m using and hopefully will assuage my anguish somewhat

  • Pencil: Uni Kuru-Toga .5  
  • Paper: Word. Camo Notebook