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Today's Tools - 7/28/15

Fr. Kyle Sanders


It is often the case that I'm using different tools for different projects or for different tasks. So I thought occasionally I would share them with you.  

I'm working on a retreat this weekend and also preparing for some things for the altar servers for this next school year. So my space today has been at my offic desk, which admittedly isn't the cleanest. 

As is mostly the case, I have my Bullet Journal out to remind me to stay on task and to remind me what else I need to get done for the day. I have repurposed a Christian Art Publishers 2015 Executive Planner that I got for Christmas from my parents who had my name embossed on the leatherette cover. I'm pretty much ignoring the format and using it as a regular notebook. 

I have a Paperstax pocket notebook in my One Star Leather cover. I've been using the notebook to, well, take various notes, map some stuff out, and draft an email to the altar servers. I used my new bamboo Pilot Vanishing Point which has a Hebrew/Architect grind courtesy of Shawn Newton via Vanness Pens. The VP is inked with that loud Liberty's Elysium.  

I had to some calendar things and check a PDF so I had my iPad 2 out.  

Lastly I have my brand new Betabook, which was a Kickstarter project turning a white marker board into a portable book-like format. I am loving it so far. It's perfect for brainstorming or quickly working out problems and ideas. It's also very easy to photograph so I can connect the pictures to Evernote for reference later. I'm using the blue and black markers it came with, which were made by German company Neuland. You'll also notice a Nock Co. Lookout which holds the Neuland markers. 

 What have you used today?