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Winner of the Fountain Pen Day Giveaway

Fr. Kyle Sanders

I want to thank everyone who entered the giveaway. It unintendedly brought me over a thousand followers on Instagram. I loved the comments here and am glad to be introduced to some new people. Stay active around here y'all. That's what makes this community so great. 

Anyway, you're probably wondering who won the giveaway. Without further ado: 

Erin, congratulations. Go to the top of the site and click the letter and send me an email with your information. You have a week to get back to me. If not, the Random Number Generator will choose someone else. 


Erin, so I'm still new to Squarespace and I realized that I did not fully set up the email function on the site. I am working to get the resolved and should be able to receive emails by the end of today November 10. Sorry, if you've gotten error messages.

Update 2

Okay, Erin, I have it all figured out. Send at will. 

Update 3

Erin has contacted me so all of you waiting in the wings can breathe a sigh of sadness and wish congratulations to Erin for her new pen and inks to play with.